New Students (KGs and Grades):

  • Two passport size photos.
  • One photocopy of each of the following documents:
    • Valid Applicant’s Passport.
    • Father’s Passport.
    • Latest Applicant’s (Iqama).
    • Latest Father’s (Iqama).
    • Family register card for Saudi Students.
    • Vaccination Certificate.
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Reference Letter from the Sponsor.
  • Applicant’s Report Cards for the last 3 Years.
  • Filling school application form.

Local Transfer Students:

  • All documents mentioned above.
  • Original Ministry Approval for (International School Students).
  • All Original Previous Report Cards (Certified by MOE for students  coming from schools outside Riyadh)
  • Financial clearance from the previous school.

International Transfer Students:

  • All documents mentioned for new students.
  • Last report Card transcript certified by the Saudi Embassy in the Student’s Country.